Let’s not just talk about mental health in schools.

Together, let's do something about it.

ESS delivers solutions. Our comprehensive in-school clinical programs produce dramatic results in the lives of children, and reduce out-of-district placements (ODPs), saving districts valuable dollars that can be used to expand care.

Our FREE assessment will show you how you can self-fund higher quality mental health care in your district.
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Reduce Out-of-District Placements & Save Money While Maintaining & Improving the Quality of Care

Sending students to out-of-district therapeutic schools is a common response to today’s mental health crisis, particularly for students with emotional and behavioral challenges. Out-of-district placements (ODPs) can cost as much as $100,000 per student, per year.


ESS's embedded clinical programs work within schools to improve student outcomes while greatly reducing ODP costs. Request your FREE assessment today, and learn how ESS can help your district.

ESS's Results You Can Measure

Across the country, educators struggle to balance their educational goals with the challenges posed by behavioral disruptions, absenteeism, and costly out-of-district placements. Our in-school clinical program does what less-comprehensive programs can’t. With the most experienced staff, proven programming, and sound oversight, ESS reduces absences, improves GPAs, and mitigates out-of-district placements. Don’t rely on a patchwork of counselors and therapists who see students only when the need arises. Provide a truly comprehensive solution.
We achieve this performance while reducing the costs of out-of-district placement and mitigating the “hidden costs” of class disruption. The savings are substantial: The average 18-student program saved districts around $400,000 annually, and teachers gained more lesson time in each day to concentrate on the entire classroom.
The data speaks for itself.

What Administrators are Saying About ESS

“The ESS staff works tirelessly and collaboratively with our staff on behalf of our students to provide immediate therapeutic interventions to students. I often wonder how we were ever able to manage these students without the ESS program in our school. ESS provides necessary support services for students, staff, and parents to enable students to remain in a mainstream educational setting with their peers.”
John Pascale
High School Principal, Mahwah, NJ

What Parents are Saying About ESS

“I don’t know what we would have done without you guys; you took so much time and provided comprehensive support and clinical expertise. We were ready to give up and take him out of school.”

What Administrators are Saying About ESS

“ESS is making such a difference for our students and our district. ESS students are attending classes, getting involved in school and are now able to benefit from all that our district can provide.”
Michael Weismann
Assistant Superintendent, Westfield, NJ
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